A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ever watch Gravity Falls and think, man, that Stan sure is hot? Well, indulge that thought by playing this Grunkle Dating Sim, a Gravity Falls fangame!


A summer road trip leads to an unexpected pause in Gravity Falls. Can you capture the heart of one of the Mystery Shack’s most eligible bachelors? Or will you leave empty handed?


  • Expressive character sprites!
  • Full-color painted backgrounds?!?!
  • Approx. 65,000 words of sweet, sweet romance!
  • Ten never-before-seen illustrations, featuring your favorite Grunkle!
  • The opportunity to date your choice of Stan or Ford (but not both at once)!
  • And yes you get to choose your pronouns!


Here’s what critics are saying about the game:

  • A "very well-crafted meticulously thought out planned scenario that builds and builds and builds" – Alex Hirsch, after playing approximately one-tenth of the game
  • "Grunkle Stan finally gets a long term relationship! My work here is done" – Mabel
  • "Anyone else think this is kinda weird? And gross?" – Dipper
  • "So when do I get a cut of the profits? –Whaddya mean, "it’s free"!?" – Stan
  • "What’s a dating sim?" – Ford



Watch Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, play through our hard work! Includes spoilers for the introduction and the first segment of Stan's route:


I made the game with the help of twelve artists and writers, whose blogs you can find listed here!


This is a fan project made out of love for Gravity Falls and its characters, copyright of which belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch. We do not claim any ownership over Gravity Falls, and do not profit from this fan project.

"What's that sound_patch file for?"

It adds a handful of brief sound effects and voice clips to the game! Installation instructions are included. There are no audio files in the introduction, and they show up occasionally after that. A little over 10 audio files play in total.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 21, 2018
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


swooning-over-stans-win-linux.zip 246 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jul 20, 2018
swooning-over-stans-osx.zip 228 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jul 20, 2018
sound_patch.zip 1 MB


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I hope you'll release a sequel for this game! its honestly amazing! i expected something cringe ya'know but this was awesome like

i love this game its so good


i love this game so much! i have a habit of replaying it whenever i feel down now lmao. the art is amazing and its so well written! i love the little references to info from the published journal #3 and the lost legends comics! 


This..this is beautiful.


This game is absolutely AMAZING. the way they act is so acurate!!

bruh my childhood show made me cringe cuz of this rn lol

A beautiful Game i cried when i had to say goodbye omg ;-;

this game was great, I had so much fun romancing Ford 




honestly, this was surprisingly well made. I played it as a joke cuz I found it and decided to tell my friends about its existence and talk about my experience but I was pleasantly surprised.

such an iconic game with great art. dippers faces in this have now become a worshiped meme cult within my friend group

This game is amazing. I laughed when I first saw it, and thought it was going to be a cute, cheesy fan-game, but it is really, really good. The writing is excellent, the characters are incredibly accurate, and the story is engaging. It's easily one of my top five visual novel games. I've only played through the Ford route, so far, but I'm starting on Stan's next. Really well done. This is probably a game I'll come back to again and again, like a favorite book.

Really loved this game! Made me get back into Gravity Falls and would love to play again!! <3


is there a way to get this onto chromebooks i really wanna play it



This is the best dating sim I think I've ever played! Super sweet and beautiful 


Mable "How many times is he gonna love you? Several Times!"

Player "What?"

Mable "You don't know who Several Times are???"

*Mable furiously searching for scrapbooks*

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this is.. honestly really good. like legit. the writing is on point. detailed. but not to the point of being boring. well paced. great characters. backgrounds. all of it. creators if you are reading this. i look forward to more from you!


Hey! This is like really good. If you could or maybe just have extra time you could make a sequel if possible? Of course if you can't then no pressure. (also I sent this to friend and she loved it too) 10/10 probably going to play again tonight.  


so.. uhm, idk what the hell is  going on here, but its pretty poggers so far. uh. yeah...

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10/10 best dating game ever played in my LIFE!!!

(I really like ford so playing this game satisfied my HUGE doki doki crush on him!)

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soundtrack, art, dialogues... it's everything stunning. i'm really glad i've found this, but i'm sad that i haven't found it earlier

i have just finished ford's route and i'm in love.

downloading this game was the best thing i ever did in my entirely life. i will play it forever.

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omg this is real? Anyway I love it, the art style is very cute and its almost like gravity falls art style! There is so many answer I can pick, seriously its great <3 also, I'm currently playing it right now and the story is just ADORABLE >~<


10/10 - this is adorable and wholesome, seriously it's grea


This game is genuinely sweet and wholesome. I thought it was a joke but you can tell the creators put a lot of work behind it. The characters are faithful to the source material at the same time they're fleshed out. I also appreciated how the Grunkles weren't infantilized. It's a cool example of older adults expressing their sexuality in a safe way. 


First of all, i love Grunkle Stan if u could not tell from the epic username. Second of all, this game was absolutely amazing. I truly felt like Grunkle Stan and I had a real connection. But to give an actual review, this game felt so real. Like, super canon compliant and I think you did an amazing job w/ the story telling. I am a really big fan of gravity falls and originally i was playing this as a joke but got VERY invested VERY fast. The art is really well done and when they more realistic picture of stan came up i was like 0/////0 omg so handsome <3 

I played this with my bff on discord and we are def going to go back and do Ford's route another day. That's how good this game is!!!!! Good Job!

You made a fantastic dating sim :) hope u make more !!!! 

p.s. can u make an nsfw route? no? ok



 Am I really playing a game called Grunkle Dating Sim and actually loving it?

Yes. Yes, I am.


what the hell is this


and why am I playing it

I don't know how to download this I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS someone help please

At the end of the description, there is a section called 


Click the orange button in front of what is your os (first one for windows). Don't think the option shows on mobile.


Okay, if you want a detailed review on this game, so you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into, then strap in because this is going to be lengthy.

First things first, I love that the person we are playing, gets to put in whatever name they please, and gets a " she/her, he/him, they/them" pronoun option. And the game never specifies anything about what you look like, so it actually feels like you yourself are the one within the story, and not a pre-made cliché character. Which is a lot of fun, because you can then daydream about it with ease.

Second, I love the artwork that shown throughout the game. The character's themselves are usually portrayed as their cartoonish selves, but you do get MANY instances where one of the Grunkles (Whoever's storyline you went with) become more realistic, more like looking at a real human than a cartoon. There's even parts where it seems that the cartoonish style and the realistic style come together to create a beautifully blended scene of real and surreal. Another thing that's done absolutely exquisite is being able to match the expression of the characters to whatever's happening in the story line.  They have many different expressions, and even if they're repeated, you don't really notice. I think my favorite part about the artwork though, is being able to click through the realistic scenes after you've finished the game. You get a gallery sort of thing to click through, and let me tell you, its awesome to look through.

Third, the story lines itself is SO FUN to go through. You get such wildly different stories and scenes depending on which Grunkle you went for. And you can tell that, even though they're twins, they have such vastly different interests and ways that they handle falling in love. No matter which Grunkle you go for, you'll have so many choices throughout, that you'll probably have to play they're storyline quite a few times to see all the possible endings and events you can go through. And your character seems to have seemingly the same, or close to your thoughts while going through the game.  There were MANY instances that I read through what my character was thinking, and found it so close to what I had thought, that I had to compose myself before I could continue onward. And the whole games storyline wasn't like "bam, bam, bam. There, your in love and the games done." Not at ALL. There were actual events that didn't pertain completely and utterly to progressing your love life forward. I mean, the game had its fair share of those exact events, but that's not the entirety of the game. There were adventures, there were many interactions and events with Mabel and Dipper. There were even a couple events where you didn't see the Pines family AT ALL for a good while. But all in all, its a VERY good mix of laughter and love progression.

Fourth, the actual choices YOU made while progressing through the game. The choices you had to make rarely were clear-cut in the sense of "If you choose this you'll do something wrong, but if you do this, you'll do something right." . Don't get me wrong, there were choices that were clear in that sense, but most of the time, the choices you could make depended solely on your gut instinct. And they weren't boring choices neither. They had detail to them, making sure that they actually matched up with the logical choices someone would make if they were in that situation in real life. You also have the opportunity to "go back" and undo most of your choices. If you chose something that didn't give you the reaction you expected, you could go back to when you had choices, and choose another option. That feature came in handy a lot, at least with me. (What can I say, I sometimes don't make the best choices.) But there were a couple instances where I could only go back so far, and not remake a choice. But even then, not going back didn't hurt the storyline in the way my over-exaggerating mind thought it would.

All in all, this game is exquisite. A lot of detail, care, craft and creativity was put into this game, and it definitely shows. I've never played a dating simulator before this one, but I can say that if they all turn out to be as good as this one, then I'm sad I haven't played any others before. This simulator is amazing, creative, full of adventure and lots of cheek reddening, heart quickening, cheeky smiled fun.  And a plus, is that you don't even have to have watched all or part of the show. It gives you just enough background information to go on throughout the game like you've already seen the show. So, if you've made it this far into my review, I first of all want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read it, and also to tell you to go play it already! You have 2 very attractive and very love-filled Grunkles to go date!

Oh this is. Not a joke. This is..... an actual thing. Huh. I shall play it, for it is free.

That's what I said before I actually played for two hours straight...


This legit was fucking great, the art is beautiful, the music is so pretty and it genuinely surprised me that this game is free due to all the content in it. I played it as a meme at first but omg im in love with Ford now and i need more content now please thank you <3


please make another :))))) 


i used to wonder "Why is humanity being punished?" but not anymore.


My friend and I played this, semi unsure of what we would feel or if we would enjoy it at all and uh. It's um... It's VERY very good and both her and I do not know how to feel about the fact that we enjoyed it this much.


Is this official?

it's not, it was made by fans

(1 edit) (+1)

jeez. I can't play the game keeps telling me "GrunkleDatingSim" cannot be opened because the developer cannot verified.  what should I do now?!

I read the instructions correctly but still the same it won't work for me!

I'm using a macOS laptop and still don't work. :(

Can anyone help me out please??!!

this guide helped me solve the same issue on another game!


finally, a game for both me, who wants to kiss stan, AND my irl boyfriend, who wants to kiss ford


I found this. I didn't know I needed this, but I do.

this is an amazing dating sim, i have fallen in love with stan which is wack, but man this is effing like hella good !!!!

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