A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ever watch Gravity Falls and think, man, that Stan sure is hot? Well, indulge that thought by playing this Grunkle Dating Sim, a Gravity Falls fangame!


A summer road trip leads to an unexpected pause in Gravity Falls. Can you capture the heart of one of the Mystery Shack’s most eligible bachelors? Or will you leave empty handed?


  • Expressive character sprites!
  • Full-color painted backgrounds?!?!
  • Approx. 65,000 words of sweet, sweet romance!
  • Ten never-before-seen illustrations, featuring your favorite Grunkle!
  • The opportunity to date your choice of Stan or Ford (but not both at once)!
  • And yes you get to choose your pronouns!


Here’s what critics are saying about the game:

  • A "very well-crafted meticulously thought out planned scenario that builds and builds and builds" – Alex Hirsch, after playing approximately one-tenth of the game
  • "Grunkle Stan finally gets a long term relationship! My work here is done" – Mabel
  • "Anyone else think this is kinda weird? And gross?" – Dipper
  • "So when do I get a cut of the profits? –Whaddya mean, "it’s free"!?" – Stan
  • "What’s a dating sim?" – Ford



Watch Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, speed through all our hard work! Includes spoilers for the introduction and the first segment of Stan's route:


I made the game with the help of twelve artists and writers, whose blogs you can find listed here!


This is a fan project made out of love for Gravity Falls and its characters, copyright of which belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch. We do not claim any ownership over Gravity Falls, and do not profit from this fan project.

"What's that sound_patch file for?"

It adds a handful of brief sound effects and voice clips to the game! Installation instructions are included. There are no audio files in the introduction, and they show up occasionally after that. A little over 10 audio files play in total.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 21, 2018
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


swooning-over-stans-win-linux.zip 246 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jul 20, 2018
swooning-over-stans-osx.zip 228 MB
Version 1.1.1 Jul 20, 2018
sound_patch.zip 1 MB


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I'm scared, but also curious.

Hi, well, I'm Latin American and I really loved your game since the stans are really my favorite characters, but one question could you make a Spanish version? since if I'm a little bad in English

so when I saw this I was like. N o s t a l g i a but also wait wtf.

im about to try it out tho, just reading the comments it sounds like a pretty cute game!

Lol, I am thinking the same thing.

Well, I just realized I never reviewed this game, which is a gross oversight on my part. 

This is such a good game; the CGs are so beautifully drawn but then the characters look perfect– almost like the original show, except with a little bit of originality that feels and looks great. I unfortunately haven't played through to listen to the music due to playing this while I was supposed to be working, but the comedic moments always hit well and the writing almost feels like it's a continuation of the show.

TLDR; I love the game a lot! It's cute and you can tell how much work and passion went into the project.

First: Thank you so very much for an incredible game.  

TLDR; Funny, witty, full of feels (the good kind) and beautiful. A must play!


  1. The arts are gorgeous.
  2. Great musical ambiance.
  3. Legit funny. Seriously, I cry laughing. And the comedy is completely in line with the show.
  4. Very well written, feels professional.
  5. Very respectful of the original content, it feels very natural.
  6. It’s free
  7. Mabel


  1. It’s a bit short. You can finish the whole game in a few hours, a bit more if you want a complete gallery. (Let’s be frank, anything of quality Gravity falls related feels too short, it’s a compliment really).
  2. Could do with a bit more audio sounds effect/voices. The extra file help, but it’s still a bit barren. 
  3. No Soos or Wendy. Seriously dude, not cool ;).
  4. Could have more “hot” stuff. Noooo nothing too adult, just a bit more of what is already there would be nice :).
  5. It’s free. Now I have to buy something of all those who worked on this project separately, gonna cost me a fortune xD.


For either a V2 or sequel (PLZzzzzzz let there be a sequel T_T)

  1. Adding Soos and Wendy. At least Soos, plz, dude.
  2. One of Ford’s art is very different  to the rest in his gallery.  It feels a bit out of place because of it, I would suggest either go uniform in style or all different for next time.
  3. Having some alternate paths for each bachelor, like legit fork, with different events.
  4. Even more content, duh, it’s your fault for making good stuff. We want more :)!
  5. Got a group patreon/coffe/other of those services?

Thank you so much for such a thorough review!

We don't have a group patreon or anything like that, but there are ways to support separate group members-- as you probably already know haha. Thanks so much for the sentiment in con #5, the thought means a lot!

there appears to be a way to download this for iphone, but I can't figure out how to play it after downloading. I'm probably just being stupid, but does anyone have advice and/or instructions?

This game is absolutely stunning. I just finished Ford's route five minutes ago and I'm still sobbing. I want more, so much more. The artwork, including the never-before-seen masterpieces, are, well, masterpieces. One of them is my computer background. The characters actually sound like they do in the show- it's realistic (to the show, I mean). This game makes me so happy. Thank you so so much for making it, and for giving me something wonderful in my life. I will totally be recommending this game to all my fellow Gravity Falls fans! 

Make for chromebook pls :)

The art is really good and I like it how can I download? 

(Cause ford is cute )

i played it and now i want to get rid of it, that doesn't mean i didn't like it i loved it but it wont delete


Can you play this on a Nook?

I honestly didn't expect too much from this game but oh my, not only is the story adorable, the art is incredibly beautiful.  10/10 will definitely play again

I downloaded the game.. so how to I play??


I absolutely love the game! From the graphics to the little details that burst me into uwu. You did a really amazing job. Thank you so much!


Never expected a full-fledged dating sim about the Grunkles to ever exist nor did I expected it to be good. But boy am I happy this is a thing, finished both routes in a day. Good writing, impressive illustrations. I really enjoyed this a lot.
My favorite's the DD&MD chapter in Ford's route. Thanks for making this! :)


Damn, this is like, a full-fledged game???  I really like it???  

A little treasure I never expected to find :) 


I made an account just to tell you how much I absolutely loved this. It felt so on character and I genuinely blushed more than once. For the love of all that is holy please make more!!! XD


This was so fricking good! I love it to bits :'D


This game was honestly so cute as I played through both choices of Stan and Ford! Honestly made me smile!!


this is the most iconic sim I've ever played! i was so amazed and flattered and omg these MEN! it must be a canon, really. thank you SO MUCH! i loved everything - art, dialogs, actions, compliments, the characters, this is just what I needed in my lonely evening :D


i didnt have an account before but i just signed up for one so that i could comment - this game is the best thing that happened to me in a big while! the art is stunningly amazing - i cannot believe how much detail went into each scene. same goes for the writing, it's just so so good! love the pace of the game, love that we still get to hang out with mabel and dipper, everything is just so perfect. thank you soooooo so much

Thank you so much for making this! It's super cute~  I knew someone else in the world would understand my love for difficult old men. 

Esse jogo é incrível! Escolhi a rota do Stan e ele é muito doce. Recomendo muito :)


When can we expect a Grampfather Staniel Update/ Expansion?

i love this game SO much!! 

it's the main reason i made an account, tbh- i just really wanted to say how much i absolutely adored this!!!

thank you for the radical experience!!!

I feel like I'm a little late in writing this, but thank you so much to everyone on the team! The writing was so beautiful and all the dialogue and the conversations felt so real and genuine. All my compliments belong to this wonderful game! 

That's wonderful to hear, thank you so much! I've passed this on to the team as well!


I made an account in this just to add this comment.

I am absolutely in love with this game.  Back when I was first starting out with Gravity Falls just under a year ago, I came across your tumblr and promptly fell even more for Ford.  I think yours was the very first fan content I came across.  I don't frequent Tumblr as much, but I'm always making it a point to visit your blogs, and I'm so glad that this became a reality!  You're such a treasure to this fandom.  May your Sixers be forever soft and wonderful. ♡


Oh my gosh this is incredibly sweet to hear, thank you so much!! I feel like I'm gonna be flipping back to look at your comment for days to come;; and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


this game is honestly hilarious thank you for making this!! 


omg this is amazing... we don't deserve this majesty thank you so much 




The Stans were never my favorite characters or characters that I would think about swooning, but this is still a great and entertaining game nonetheless. 

Just playing this to see what it is...

Kill me