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Idk if anyone can help with this but it says "Cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified" (im on a mac) and idk if theres a way to fix it.


Had a mac and had the same issues for games in itch but I'm pretty sure you go to your system preferences and then security & privacy  and you'll see the game was blocked and if you can't click the "open anyway" it is most likely locked so click on the "lock to make changes" unlock it and then now it is unlocked click "open anyway" to open the game. Hopefully this helps lol


absolutely invested in getting full love meter, i say this as i'm on my 3rd run

did u get it ?? what happened

i did indeed

It won't let me download the game. :( Very sad. Someone please help me.



Every single time I try downloading this game the files won't open. I only have this problem with zip files and I can't figure out why my computer won't run it.

What kind of computer do you have? If this has been happening with multiple zip files, then maybe you should check out customer service for your device. Or at least see if there is a help option when it comes to storage and files.

If that's not the issue, then you might want to check some of the FAQ & HELPFUL LINKS, specifically the 'Help I can't run the game' one. 

I don't know if this will help, since 1. It's already been 11 days, so you might've figured it out already, 2. I'm not the one who created this game, and I suck when it comes to creating and/or modding, and 3. I'm not the best when it comes to technical issues such as this. 

Though, I hope that you can still be able to play, and that even if it's not 'fixable', you'll be able to find the source of the problem and use it for future refrences!

I actually managed to figure it out! I learned how to go and extract the files to play. I was very excited, thanks!


giggling and blushing and twirling my hair and kicking my feet and shit...

me when i played the stan route fr


My favorite visual novel on this website! Amazing game <3 


This was amazing! Still don't know if you guys respond or anything but I really love not only the story but how you keep the same charisma of the original characters and incorporate it into this game! I've been wondering if you'll be making a sequel at all! I really would love to see what happens after but I understand if you would rather not make a sequel. You did a great job on this and I respect whole heartedly if you wouldn't want to 


You missed an excellent opportunity to call this Stanning Pines.

10/10. Would date again.


I’m on an iPhone what emulators would support this game thanks (:


Me wanting to play this game ironically so I plot to drag one of my friends in this with me and record it for SM

Is it possible to get max love meter?


it is, yes!

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yes i got it


why does this exist and why is it so highly rated


why do you  care that this game was made and it’s highly rated because it’s good Karen. Get off the page if you are going to complain 

why do YOU exsist then?


I love this so much!! I randomly found this and am SO glad I did, I really love how fords story goes, and I even tried stans, you guys did a really good job making it easy to love them while keeping them in character, like I really only wanted to do fords route but I got hooked on stans as well! seriously love this so much and will definitely be replaying for months to come 10/10


This is my favourite dating sim ever. I wish Ford's story line was more frisky and longer /:. It would be such awesome fanservice if you could make a part 2 that's 18+ :D. A lot of people I imagine would be happy if you made that, haha!

yea..this game is my type of game


I played both routes and they were both great :3


Just started to play this, ALREADY LOVE IT! ♥ 

And more videos are coming O:)


Here is the final video of Ford's walkthrough: 

I might do Stan's walkthrough too in the future. Until then you can watch some of my other videos.😉

Good one

New Video!!!!!

Beatiful art,beatiful scenario. The game is amazing and really adorable x)


ponelo en español xfa

Another week another video:

Watch Now Part 7 👆
Deleted 297 days ago

will thwew bw sex :3


THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLE!! Absolutely beautiful backgrounds, amazing story, so much content and just all around wonderful. Originally I was like "haha aww yeah, I'll play this I guess" but. I. LOVE IT! Will definitely replay when I need a pick me up. 100000/10 recommend! Especially if you're a fan of the show.

Part 6:

New Video!

Part 5 is here!

ford route underated


Here is part 4 of my walkthrough!☝️

Literally made an account just to say this was absolutely beautiful! I loved every bit of this beautiful masterpiece. I have not played a dating sim that had me completely in awe.

I freaking loved it!

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Is this a r18+ game? Can u please make a version for android and ios?


It never goes into graphical smut territory. There is kissing and a bit of touching.  

Here is Part 3:

I will upload new videos of this game every Saturday.

I just uploaded Part 2 of my walkthrough:


Hello, because loved this game so much I decided to create a walkthrough of it on my YouTube channel (with no commentary). Here is the first part of the walkthrough:


Ok...THAT'S IT!! I'VE HAD IT!!! I want a ALL WANT A SEQUEL...LIKE WE HAVEN'T MADE IT CLEAR ENOUGH!!! SORRY...sorry...this vn is just beautifully written and it's sooooo cute I could DIE!!!

This game pulled me into FINALLY watching the show! I thought I loved Ford until I played Stan's route, and wow, the tension is so well written! Love the painting-esque animations and visuals, so pleasing to look at!

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This game was so heartwarming and fun in every way possible. You absolutely nailed each character and it made for such a charming experience. While I wish it was slightly longer it made up for its shortness with its originality and charms.


Absolutely amazing. I chose Stan, and the whole story was actually really good. This could have been just a cheesy game made for a joke, but it really turned out good. Please make a sequel!

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